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Philips Saeco Granaroma Review

3 minute read   Last updated on Mar 10, 2024
Philips Saeco GranAroma

Philips Saeco GranAroma

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Key features of the Philips Saeco GranAroma

Overall Score 4.9

  • Water Tank Capacity of 1.8 L
  • Weight of 9 kg

The Philips Saeco GranAroma is a fully automatic espresso machine that offers 14 pre-programmed coffee drinks, a Coffee Equalizer for personalizing strength, coffee and milk volume, temperature, and milk foam density, and an intuitive color display another plus for the user-friendly interface.

Saeco GranAroma uses 100% ceramic grinders for durability and consistent grinding, the Aroma Extract System balances brewing temperature with water flow to extract the best possible aroma and flavor from the coffee beans and LattePerfetto Technology for dense, silky milk foam.

The coffee machine also has adjustable grinder settings, automatic cleaning functions, and a 300g bean container with AromaSeal.

Let's look at each feature category in detail

Commonly Asked For Features

Water Tank Capacity

The Philips Saeco GranAroma's tank capacity is 1.8L, the water tank capacity in coffee machines refers to the quatity of water that the coffee machine's reservoir can hold. This water is used for brewing coffee.

Has A Removable Water Tank

Philips Saeco GranAroma has a removable water tank, this means the tank can be easily removed from the machine for filling and cleaning.

Has An Integrated Water Filter

The Philips Saeco GranAroma has an integrated water filter, which filters the water used for brewing coffee directly within the machine. Filtration improves water quality and prevents mineral build-ups

Has A Cleaning Alert

The Philips Saeco GranAroma has a cleaning alert feature, this feature on a coffee machine is helpful because it alerts you when it's time to clean or perform maintenance on the machine.

Operating Power Consumption

Philips Saeco GranAroma has a power consumption of 1500W, the operating power consumption of a pressure cooker refers to the electrical power it uses while it's in operation. It is typically measured in watts (W) and is an important consideration before purchase.

Philips Saeco GranAroma
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Design Features


The Philips Saeco GranAroma's weight is 9kg, the significance of the weight of a coffee machine will depend on your specific needs and wants. Some people prioritize portability and prefer lighter coffee machines, while others like stability and durability, even if it means a heavier appliance.


Philips Saeco GranAroma's width is 262mm, the width is the horizontal measurement of the product. If you are selecting a coffee machine, it's important to measure the available space in your kitchen and compare with the machine's dimensions.


The Philips Saeco GranAroma has a height of 383mm. As the vertical dimension of the coffee machine, this is good to consider when buying a machine.

Dump Bin Capacity

The dump bin capacity, a.k.a the coffee grounds container capacity, is the volume of used coffee grounds that the dump bin can hold before it needs emptying. The Philips Saeco GranAroma's bin capacity measures at 12, typically, coffee grounds container capacities in coffee machines range from as small as 6 ounces (approximately 177 milliliters) to several ounces.

Bean Hopper Capacity

Philips Saeco GranAroma has a bean hopper capacity of 300g, this refers to the quantity of whole coffee beans that the hopper can hold when full.

Has An Integrated Grinder

The Philips Saeco GranAroma has an integrated grinder, which refers to a built-in coffee bean grinder that is part of the coffee machine's design.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance Features

Has A Transparent Water Tank

Philips Saeco GranAroma has a water container that is made of clear material, allowing you to see the water level inside without opening the tank.

Has A Sleep Mode

The Philips Saeco GranAroma has a sleep mode, which refers to a power-saving feature that automatically puts the machine into a low-power state after a period of inactivity.

Prevents Overheating

Philips Saeco GranAroma comes with a prevent overheating feature, which is especially key for electrical appliances like coffee machines as it is designed to ensure that the machine does not become excessively hot during prolonged use.

Has An Automatic Coffee Circuit Rinse

Philips Saeco GranAroma has an automatic coffee circuit rinse, a feature found in many coffee machines that serves to clean and rinse the internal coffee-making components of the machine.

Philips Saeco GranAroma
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Other Features

Number Of Grind Settings

Philips Saeco GranAroma has 1 grind settings, this is the ability to adjust the coarseness or fineness of the coffee grounds.

Capsules Are Widely Available

This feature is key for single-serve machines that use capsules as their coffee delivery system. Philips Saeco GranAroma has widely available coffee capsules this means it's easy to find and purchase compatible capsules.

Number Of Drinks

Philips Saeco GranAroma can make 17, the number of drinks refers to the quantity of coffee-based beverages that a coffee machine is capable of making in a single operation.

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