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Breville Barista Max Review

2 minute read   Last updated on Mar 10, 2024
Breville Barista Max

Breville Barista Max

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Key features of the Breville Barista Max

Overall Score 3.5

  • Water Tank Capacity of 2.8 L
  • Weight of 9.9 kg

The Breville Barista Max is an automatic espresso machine designed for home use, offering convenience and user-friendliness, it features an integrated grinder with 30 grind settings, digital temperature control, pre-infusion technology, automatic milk frothing, and an LCD screen offering a user-friendly interface.

The machine also has a 15 bar pressure ideal for brewing authentic espresso, a built-in steam wand for manual frothing or steaming milk, and a hot water outlet for tea or brewing Americano coffee.

However, it has some drawbacks that might stop you from choosing it like having less manual control than other machines especially if you are an experienced coffee enthusiast who prefers your coffee made a certain way, also to mention that it falls into the mid-range price point for espresso machines.

Let's look at each feature category in detail

Commonly Asked For Features

Water Tank Capacity

Breville Barista Max's tank capacity is 2.8L, the water tank capacity in coffee machines refers to the quatity of water that the coffee machine's tank can hold. This water is used to brew espresso.

Has A Removable Water Tank

Breville Barista Max has a removable water reservoir, this implies the tank can be easily removed from the machine for filling and cleaning.

Has An Integrated Water Filter

The Breville Barista Max comes with an integrated water filter, this filters the water used for brewing coffee directly within the coffee machine. This improves water quality and prevents mineral build-ups

Breville Barista Max
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Design Features


Breville Barista Max's weight is 9.9kg, the significance of the weight of a machine will depend on your specific needs and wants. Some people consider portability and prefer lighter machines, while others value stability and durability, even if it means a heavier appliance.


Breville Barista Max's width is 381mm, the width represents the horizontal measurement of the machine. If you are selecting a coffee machine, it's important to measure the space available in your kitchen and compare it to the machine's dimensions.


The Breville Barista Max has a height of 431mm. As the vertical dimension of the product, height is important to consider when selecting a machine.

Has An Integrated Milk Frother

The Breville Barista Max has an integrated milk frother, which is a built-in device that is designed to froth and steam milk to create milk-based coffee beverages such as macchiatos.

Has A Burr Grinder

Breville Barista Max comes with a burr grinder, a burr grinder is a type of coffee grinder with two abrasive, rotating burrs to crush and grind coffee beans to a consistent size.

Has An Integrated Grinder

Breville Barista Max comes with an integrated grinder, which refers to a built-in coffee bean grinder that is part of the coffee machine's design.

Has A 58Mm Portafilter

Breville Barista Max has a 58mm portafilter, a portafilter, a.k.a a coffee filter holder, is the part of the coffee machine that holds the ground coffee and is responsible for creating the pressure needed to brew espresso.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance Features

Has A Transparent Water Tank

Breville Barista Max has a water container that is made of translucent material, allowing you to see the water level without the need to open the tank.

Breville Barista Max
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Other Features

Number Of Grind Settings

The Breville Barista Max has 30 grind settings, this is the ability to adjust the coarseness or fineness of the coffee grounds.

Number Of Drinks

Breville Barista Max can make 4, the number of drinks means to the quantity of coffee-based beverages that a coffee machine is capable of making in a single operation.

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