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Lefant M210P Review

4 minute read   Last updated on Mar 5, 2024
Lefant M210P

Lefant M210P

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Key features of the Lefant M210P

Overall Score 6.4

  • Battery Power of 2000 mAh

The Lefant M210P is a compact, small robot vacuum cleaner with a 280mm diameter, height of 75mm, and a 500ml bin capacity. The vacuum has a suction rating of 1,800Pa, less than half of some powerful robots, and also lacks a brush bar, that's useful in agitating carpets to loosen dust. It comes with a charging station, one spare filter, and extra corner sweeping brushes.

It can be set up using a smartphone app on both Android and iOS, the same app used across all of Lefant's robots, even so, it doesn't give you the same experience as the more expensive robots in the brand's lineup i.e. it doesn't store its maps like the more expensive Lefant M1 does. The robot tracks its movement and creates a map but doesn't give the ability to set no-go areas or block its path.

Let's look at each feature category in detail

Commonly Asked For Features

Has Mapping And Navigation

The robot vacuum's ability to create a digital map of its cleaning area is one of the commonly asked-for features. This map allows the robot to keep a record of the layout of the desired space. Mapping and navigation can be used for several purposes, e.g. the Lefant M210P having the mapping feature can dedicate efficient cleaning in the mapped-out areas keeping out of those that are not.

Has An Obstacle Sensor

Lefant M210P has an obstacle sensor, such a sensor serves the purpose of detecting and identifying obstacles in the robot's way, this allwos it to navigate around them thus avoiding collisions.

Works With Alexa

Many modern robot vacuum cleaners such as the Lefant M210P are designed to work with Amazon Alexa, which implies that they can be added to the Amazon Echo ecosystem and programmed using voice commands.

Compatible With Google Assistant

Lefant M210P is compatible with Google Assistant, enabling you to control it using voice commands through Google Home devices or the Google Assistant app installed on smartphones and tablets.

Number Of Cleaning Modes

The Lefant M210P has 4 cleaning modes, the number of cleaning modes offered by robot vacuum cleaners varies depending on the make and model of the robot vacuum.

Warranty Period

The Lefant M210P has a period of 1 year, this typically range from 1 year to 2 years, however some higher-end models may offer longer warranties.

Lefant M210P
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Design Features

Dustbin Capacity

The Lefant M210P's dustbin capacity is at 0.5L, dustbin capacity indicates how much dust, dirt, and pet hair the vacuum holds before it needs to be emptied.

Has Twin Side Brushes

Lefant M210P has twin side brushes, these brushes can be useful for specific cleaning tasks, since they help the robot vacuum more effectively sweep dirt and debris from corners and along edges.

Indicates When Full

Most robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with sensors and indicators to alert users when the dirt collection container is full and needs to be emptied. Lefant M210P supports this feature, which prevents the robot vacuum from getting clogged thus performance will be maintained as soon as the bin is emptied.


The Lefant M210P weighs 1.2kg, robot vacuums are generally designed to be lightweight and compact to easily get around and carrying around.


Lefant M210P has a width of 279.4mm, often referred to as its cleaning path width, refers to the width of the area that it can properly clean in a single pass. The width of a robot vacuum is key as it can affect its efficiency and the time it takes to clean a space


Lefant M210P's height measures 73.7mm, here you are looking at the measure from the bottom to its highest point. Height is an important consideration, especially if you have obstacles with low clearance in your home.

Cleaning Performance And Power Features

Battery Power

The battery power of a robot vacuum cleaner is important as it determines how long the vacuum can run on a single charge. It is typically measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), Lefant M210P's battery power is 2000mAh

Operating Time

The operating time of a robot vacuum cleaner refers to the time the vacuum can clean continuously on a single battery charge before it needs to be recharged. Lefant M210P's operating time is 2h

Charge Time

Lefant M210P has a charge time of 4h, the charge time of a robot vacuum cleaner refers to the amount of time it takes for the vacuum's battery to recharge fully after it has been depleted during a cleaning cycle.

Has Auto-Off

Auto-off is a feature designed to automatically turn off the vacuum after it has completed an operation or when certain conditions occur. Lefant M210P has an auto-off feature, which is useful for energy efficiency and battery preservation.

Lefant M210P
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Other Features

Support A Mobile Application

Lefant M210P supports a smartphone app, that allows you to control and monitor the vacuum without getting to it physically but through your smartphone or tablet.

Doesn't Get Stuck

This feature in robot vacuum cleaners is intended to reduce the likelihood of the robot vacuum getting trapped during cleaning. Robot vacuums such as the Lefant M210P are equipped with various sensors and technologies to move around obstacles and avoid getting stuck, but the effectiveness of this feature varies among different models.

Has Route Mapping

Lefant M210P has a route mapping feature which enables it to generate a map of your space and schedule efficient cleaning routes. This mapping capability improves the vacuum's ability to work effectively and systematically.

Has Voice Prompts

Voice prompts refer to audible messages that the vacuum emits to provide you information on the different states of the vacuum. Lefant M210P has this feature

Supports Auto Docking

Auto-docking is a feature in robot vacuum cleaners that refers to the vacuum's ability to autonomously return to its docking station when certain conditions are met such as getting work done, battery running low, or any malfunction.

Has Anti-Fall Sensor

Most robot vacuum cleaners such as Lefant M210P come equipped with an "anti-fall" feature. This feature is designed to save the robot vacuum from falling off stairs, ledges, or other elevated surfaces, hence its safety while cleaning.

Can Be Scheduled

Lefant M210P has this convenient feature, which allows you to set certain days or times of day for the robot vacuum to start cleaning your space.

Has A Remote Control

Lefant M210P has a remote control, allowing you to manually control the vacuum's movements and functions from a distance.

Supports Wi-Fi

Lefant M210P supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuums offer several advantages and features, such as remote control, mobile app integration, voice assistant compatibility, and remote monitoring.

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